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  • We are two companie$ Fused, Love and Divinity In Motion (LDM HQ) Ft Mia Jonita Resorts, now Studios.
  • LDM runs Archives, Yoga, Studio, our Business Ethics & Foundation.
  • Mia Runs Media, Art, Modeling, Studio, and Corporation Style Biz. We are constantly expanding.
  • Our Fans are loyal and international, this keeps me dedicated to updating them and new visitors on zero to high worth, no limit$. 
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We have no Fiscal Verified Profile yet (almost), working on more informational Sites along with ebook promoting news and developments of LDM Mia Corp. Recently i decided to update Equity Net, a good site for our Fiscal Official (Explore below). Thanks for visiting and tuning in. Yoga coming soon.

- Lez Michelle Founder of LDM & Mia Corp
April  2017 Update 

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